17 months of being a Father

It is the night before Father’s Day. My second one. The funny thing is, I do not even remember the first one. Oh well. This one I get to travel for work. So I won’t be here for this one. Meggi has gotten me addicted to Huffington Post blog articles. They have post some really good posts lately on Father’s. I hope some day my kids think of me they way those bloggers feel about their dads. I have never been one for having people go out of their way for me. I do not remember ever thinking I wanted big birthday parties. It was embarrassing to have people fuss over me… As a matter of fact it still is. I am one of those people that believes that you should show how special a person is everyday or you should feel special everyday. Especially as a parent. As some of you might have been able to catch onto in my oh so not subtle way, the first 12 month or so, was not my piece of cake. Even now there are moments that I wish would go away. But at the end of each day, when I take stock of all that is important in my life. When I put those two little kids down, I feel special. I feel privileged to be their dad. I think back to the times when they come running to me crying, wanted to be comforted by me. I am their special comfort machine. I love how they try to mimic whatever it is I am doing. One of the reasons I have not gotten this post out until now is that I have been working on building a storage shed, and as frustrating as it can me, all they want to do is help. Both Riley and Hattie will grab nails and try to put them in the wood. Riley even grabs a hammer and pounds on the walls. When I cook, Riley wants the spoon or spatula and wants to help stir. If you give him a spoon and a pot, he will stir things up. When I shower in the morning. Hattie will push these little foam numbers and letters under the shower door. I push them back out with my feet. Just the other day, she started pushing them back in the shower with her feet. In the morning, when I put my socks on, they will bring me my shoes. Just today, after I had gotten the roof on the shed and the windows, I sat inside I was admiring my work and they both came in and sat down on my lap and just hung out with me. It was great. It is all those things that occur each day that make me realize how much I mean to them. I do not need a special day. I have every day.

As far as the kids development, there is not really anything big recently. I mean they continue to have more and more understanding of what we say to them. They have not learned any new words really. I guess we listen to, too much music. They love music, especially Hattie. Each morning, she goes straight to the computer and says, Ba Ba… Which is her word for music. You start it up and both her and Riley start to dance. Awhile ago, I posted this video

. And then tonight I posted this video. And then of course here are the latest (well two weeks old) and greatest photos. Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for all the great pictures and video’s. Makes it a little easier, being so far away. I miss you all SO much. Love you too.

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