The Language Explosion

Well, its been over 5 months since our last post. By golly, something must have happened!? Yes and No. It has been a world filled with adventure and excitement as they have become full fledged toddlers. They are learning new words all the time and they are so smart. They do cute things. They do annoying things. They do things that frustrate the crap out of you. Since my last post, we had Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday number 2. Even though I have not been posted my monthly posts, I have still been taking the monthly photo of them.

So as you can see from the pictures below, back in September we rented a stand up paddle board and went out to the lake with them. They loved it. We were lame again this year for Halloween. We did not dress the kids up or take them out. I mean, come on, does an almost 2 year old really know what its doing. I am guessing next year they will be in love with dressing up like something. They already like to pick out their favorite clothes. They have developed a love of Elmo and Mickey Mouse and more recently Frozen. Luckily, its not maddening to this point. They just know they like the characters but they won’t sit there mesmerized. But they will throw a full on tantrum if you do not put it on when they ask. We are currently working on trying to limit their viewing. For me, it is mostly in order to teach them No and that they cannot always get what they want, right when they want it. But I mean it is winter and they are still only 2. So it is hard to find things outside to do with them when you are by yourself. And as I am sure is the case with most toddlers, their toys can only entertain them for so long.

Which brings us to Christmas and their birthday. It was a good one for the kids. They got Legos and miniature hockey equipment, a tea set, a kitchen, lots of cars, Elmos, vacuums and power drills. My mom definitely learned her lesson with the vacuum. She bought one for Hattie for her birthday…. Well guess who wanted to play with one also! So we had to hide the vacuum until we could get another one. And now that we have two… it is non stop noise. I think I mentioned this in a previous post but if a person buys your kid a toy that makes noise, they should be required to have to be around every time that kids plays with the toy. I would consider that suitable punishment. Sadly, though that means that your kids would probably never get toys that make noise. Their birthday was fun. We again did not have a big party, just family, again, they really don’t have friends at this point. So its all about the parents and well, we were busy.

And that leads into what I am considering a good excuse for why I did not update this blog for so long. I was busy converting our garage into two bedrooms for the kids. I completed just in time for my mom to come visit for Christmas. So my mom had a place to stay, even if she had to sleep in a toddler bed. At least we splurged and got the fancy twin mattress. And once my mom went home, we put the kids into their new toddler beds. And in case you were wondering and I cannot remember if this was part of the last post but about the time of the previous post, Riley had figured out how to climb out of his crib. It was only about a month later that Hattie was doing the same thing. So for safety sake, we decided it was time to move them into toddler beds.

As the title of the post suggest, the kids talking has really taken off. It started around Christmas or shortly there after. They had a few words and were putting words together but around that time, it really started to grow. And let me tell you, Hattie, LOVES to tell you stories. She may not know all the words and in what order to put them but she tries… Repeatedly, to tell you what happened. It has made life much easier in my opinion. Instead of pointing and grunting. They can say, juice. Though they are still toddlers and well one second they want juice, the next they don’t and then after you drink the juice that you poured out for them, they want the juice again.

Other things… I am sure their are a ton of little things and nuances that they do that I should have been writing about each month and now am forgetting. Like Meggi bought some clippers and gave Riley a hair cut. Lets face it, if an adult had that cut it would have been horrible. But given its a two year old. It looked just fine. While doing the home improvement project, I would leave the kids unattended for periods of time. Those periods of time resulting in boxes of cereal, oatmeal, coffee beans, hot chocolate mix and all of our spices being dumped out at some point in time. Also, they kids loved to help. Riley is an amazing little sponge, if he sees you do it, he wants to do it also. the kids love the big Lego duplex over the big blocks. We only found this out after spending a bunch of money on big blocks. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to clean. Sadly as we all know that will soon fade away. They can lite the big strike anywhere matches. And they like doing it… scary! Luckily again, they also like to blow out said match also. I would like to say that I will keep up with this more but lets face it, I may or I may not the  good news is that I never stop taking at least a few pictures here or there. And who knows, now that I am not stressing over building new rooms, I will feel more comfortable stressing over this.

I never really took that many pictures or videos. For that I am sorry. I took a few recently and of course you have some 66 photos to look through below. A couple of videos.

Video 1 Link

Video 2 Link

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