Mothers Day The Third

Well, some how some way, the kids have survived another year of living and we have survived another year of parenting. Three years of Parenthood. And today on this Mothers Day, I would like to take a little bit of time to recognize the mothers of the world. Especially the mothers in my life.

My mother-in-law, Nance, has been a true blessing in this parenting journey. I will admit I was not jumping up and down when I heard Nance was going to be moving closer to us. TV sitcoms had clouded my vision and gave me nightmares of the over-bearing mother-in-law that would be over at our house everyday and meddling in every aspect of our lives. But the truth is, Nance has been nothing like that. She has been supportive, loving and caring. She has bailed us out and made our lives better in so many ways and times. She raised an amazing daughter and has continues to help raise our kids. Riley may be a little angry with her right now, but he still loves going over to Grammies house. I am glad that she around the corner and that the kids get to have that experience. In the simplest of words, thank you Nance for all the wonderful things you bring into our lives.

With my mom, words are hard to put down to explain what my mom means to me. As a teenager, I never really knew. Even in college I was only started to realize what an amazing person and parent my mom was. I don’t remember how old I was, but it was a long time before I ever remember telling my mom I loved her. And it was from that time on, that if anyone asked I would say, my hero was my mom. What is funny, is that in today’s internet age, parenting advice is a dime a dozen. There are pages and pages of information on how to raise your kids. What you should do if your kid does this or if your kid does that. My mom did not have that and yet looking back my mom did everything perfect and exactly the way it needed to be done to raise me and to “handle” me. I cannot image being raised any other way. I know I am not some super successful, wealthy person, but the success I have had in life is 99 percent her. And every time I sit down and think about how great my life is, I thank her in my head and my heart. One of these days, I will get over my macho self and tell her in person. But even before I wrote this, I always that in some small ways she has always known. Because she always knows…

They say you save the best for last. And when it comes to me and food, that is true. Whatever the best tasting dish on my plate is, I always make sure to leave that bite of food to be the last one. With Meggi, it is also hard to put into words what she means to me and to the kids. I hope that our kids will be more expressive with their feelings. Though, I can tell already that Riley is a little too much like me in that regard. I would say its a boy thing but its probably my bad influence. Meggi has been the right mother at the right time for these kids, just like my mom. She give them the love and the understanding they need at the time they need it. She gives them the tough love and non-understanding at the right times also. She gives in when it appropriate and says no when, a NO is needed. She has learned or maybe she just develop the skills and tools needed to keep this little family chugging along. She handles the bad time with grace and celebrates the good times with much joy and excitement. She is definitely a stabilizing force and the ying to my yang when it comes to raising the kids.

So on this, her third year as Mother, I simply want to say thank you for being who you are, the perfect mother for the kids and the perfect wife for me. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers who read this.

Now, what you all have been waiting for… Pictures!

The Language Explosion

Well, its been over 5 months since our last post. By golly, something must have happened!? Yes and No. It has been a world filled with adventure and excitement as they have become full fledged toddlers. They are learning new words all the time and they are so smart. They do cute things. They do annoying things. They do things that frustrate the crap out of you. Since my last post, we had Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday number 2. Even though I have not been posted my monthly posts, I have still been taking the monthly photo of them.

So as you can see from the pictures below, back in September we rented a stand up paddle board and went out to the lake with them. They loved it. We were lame again this year for Halloween. We did not dress the kids up or take them out. I mean, come on, does an almost 2 year old really know what its doing. I am guessing next year they will be in love with dressing up like something. They already like to pick out their favorite clothes. They have developed a love of Elmo and Mickey Mouse and more recently Frozen. Luckily, its not maddening to this point. They just know they like the characters but they won’t sit there mesmerized. But they will throw a full on tantrum if you do not put it on when they ask. We are currently working on trying to limit their viewing. For me, it is mostly in order to teach them No and that they cannot always get what they want, right when they want it. But I mean it is winter and they are still only 2. So it is hard to find things outside to do with them when you are by yourself. And as I am sure is the case with most toddlers, their toys can only entertain them for so long.

Which brings us to Christmas and their birthday. It was a good one for the kids. They got Legos and miniature hockey equipment, a tea set, a kitchen, lots of cars, Elmos, vacuums and power drills. My mom definitely learned her lesson with the vacuum. She bought one for Hattie for her birthday…. Well guess who wanted to play with one also! So we had to hide the vacuum until we could get another one. And now that we have two… it is non stop noise. I think I mentioned this in a previous post but if a person buys your kid a toy that makes noise, they should be required to have to be around every time that kids plays with the toy. I would consider that suitable punishment. Sadly, though that means that your kids would probably never get toys that make noise. Their birthday was fun. We again did not have a big party, just family, again, they really don’t have friends at this point. So its all about the parents and well, we were busy.

And that leads into what I am considering a good excuse for why I did not update this blog for so long. I was busy converting our garage into two bedrooms for the kids. I completed just in time for my mom to come visit for Christmas. So my mom had a place to stay, even if she had to sleep in a toddler bed. At least we splurged and got the fancy twin mattress. And once my mom went home, we put the kids into their new toddler beds. And in case you were wondering and I cannot remember if this was part of the last post but about the time of the previous post, Riley had figured out how to climb out of his crib. It was only about a month later that Hattie was doing the same thing. So for safety sake, we decided it was time to move them into toddler beds.

As the title of the post suggest, the kids talking has really taken off. It started around Christmas or shortly there after. They had a few words and were putting words together but around that time, it really started to grow. And let me tell you, Hattie, LOVES to tell you stories. She may not know all the words and in what order to put them but she tries… Repeatedly, to tell you what happened. It has made life much easier in my opinion. Instead of pointing and grunting. They can say, juice. Though they are still toddlers and well one second they want juice, the next they don’t and then after you drink the juice that you poured out for them, they want the juice again.

Other things… I am sure their are a ton of little things and nuances that they do that I should have been writing about each month and now am forgetting. Like Meggi bought some clippers and gave Riley a hair cut. Lets face it, if an adult had that cut it would have been horrible. But given its a two year old. It looked just fine. While doing the home improvement project, I would leave the kids unattended for periods of time. Those periods of time resulting in boxes of cereal, oatmeal, coffee beans, hot chocolate mix and all of our spices being dumped out at some point in time. Also, they kids loved to help. Riley is an amazing little sponge, if he sees you do it, he wants to do it also. the kids love the big Lego duplex over the big blocks. We only found this out after spending a bunch of money on big blocks. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to clean. Sadly as we all know that will soon fade away. They can lite the big strike anywhere matches. And they like doing it… scary! Luckily again, they also like to blow out said match also. I would like to say that I will keep up with this more but lets face it, I may or I may not the  good news is that I never stop taking at least a few pictures here or there. And who knows, now that I am not stressing over building new rooms, I will feel more comfortable stressing over this.

I never really took that many pictures or videos. For that I am sorry. I took a few recently and of course you have some 66 photos to look through below. A couple of videos.

Video 1 Link

Video 2 Link

The Terrible 20 Months

The title says is all really. The tantrums are tough. They have been getting tougher and tougher. I am not sure if it is us who are getting tougher and saying No, more often or if they are just wanting things they want more intensely then they have in the past. My hope is that they are getting it out of the way. You hear of people saying wait till the terrible 3’s or 4’s. Well maybe if we have the terrible 20 months, it won’t be so bad in a couple of years. I think they are probably as frustrated as we are that they cannot communicate what it is they want to say. Also, they just do not understand or accept the fact that it is only good for them to have one Popsicle a day. Not one every five minutes. The other thing that gets incredibility frustrating is how some of their behaviors are so gosh darn cute, but at the same time so gosh darn annoying! As mentioned before, they love to help with whatever activity you are doing, be it cleaning even. They just suck at it. And they do not want help doing it. They have figured out how to move the chairs and climb up them and get themselves up to the counter tops. It was fun and cute at first. Now, we have moved the chairs to the garage so they cannot do it anymore. Though, now, they want us to pick them up so they can get the stuff they want off the counter top.

So, for those of you that are parents, you know that this is just life with toddlers. And yes, I use this blog to vent my frustrations BUT I hope that you all realize that I am a parent also and that I love these kiddos. I love their nuisances. It is what makes them great individuals. But it also makes life a little more frustrating at times then it use to be. The good news is that as they get older, we as parents get more adventurous with the kids. We did go to the Big Hitch parade over Labor Day weekend.  We go out with them, except not to a restaurant, I am not ready to tackle that again for a long time.

As far as daycare goes, they have done really well. So that is good. Also, the one really cure thing is how empathetic they are towards each other. If one starts to cry, the other will bring them their blanket or bottle. Of course you have the example where Riley takes something from Hattie, she cries and then Riley brings her, her blanket… When really she just wants the item back. And vise versa. Or when he bites her.

The language stuff is still slow going. The babbling is not. I fear when they learn the English language it will be non stop talking here. Maybe we have listened to too much music and not watched enough TV for them to learn to talk really soon. Then again, maybe its just me and the fact that I do not talk that much. They are learning a couple of new words every so often. But not putting two together. We still have plenty of time.

Otherwise, they just keep growing and keep being cute. They are great kids. Messy kids. But great kids.

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Well ok, if you want. But the truth is, the beginning of July is a tough one to take the time to sit back and edit some photos and write up something meaningful. It is a very busy time for both Meggi and I. Of course, I could just post more often than once a month and take more pictures and have more of a reason to post things but that is just not me right now. There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the kids. I just have to have the camera ready and snap away. But I do not want to be that parent who is lost behind the camera and is not living in the moment with their kids. I hope, that as they get older we will be doing more activities. Right now its mostly us just hanging out at home or at the park. Mostly because due to our schedules, there is only one day a week when Meggi and I are together with the kids (other than right as they wake up or go to bed). So, if I take the kids somewhere, they stay in the stroller. That is because they are not fast and they are totally all about one of them running after one thing and the other running after something else. They are proficient climbers. As you can tell by this video of Riley. Hattie can do it just as well.

What else have the two devils been up to? Really, not much. As mentioned two months ago, they understand a lot of what we say and they know what certain things are, but they are not forming words yet. A few words. Then again, as a first time parent, I was expecting them to just one day start saying all kinds of words. At least that is what all other mothers make it sound like. Their kids started talking when they were 9 months. I guess you could say ours were also, but they only said one word. I would not really call that talking. Even now, they are only a one word act. And I think its mostly the same words I have mentioned in the past, ma ma, da da, dog, nose… I get apple is a new one and up, but its at and ap for those two words. And of course ba ba is still music. They are quite good at saying no. And Hattie is the queen of saying no when you ask her if she wants to go to bed. Riley, doesn’t really answer yet. I am pretty sure the old stereotype of girls talking first will be true of these two. Riley just doesn’t seem to want to talk. If he does, he does it very quietly and does it when you don’t ask him. Ask him to say it and he freezes up. The one cure new thing is that they will grab your hand or finger, and lead you to where ever they want to go. Riley actually hates dog poop so much, that he will come get you and lead you right to the pile and then walk around the yard holding your finger looking for more. I think our kids might have some OCD issues. Or not…

The one bit of big news is that the kids start a daycare on Monday. Meggi’s aunt Barb has had enough of them making a mess, opening any drawer not locked down, throwing around dirt and playing in the mud. They get to go play with some other kids on a daily basis. Which will be good. If they hung around just us any longer and then would likely just sit around texting their friends and reading the news on their phone all the time. Oh yeah, today’s kids just do that anyways. But the lady that is going to be watching them comes highly recommended by a couple different people that we know personally. So it is good. And we got as good of a deal as we could get in this area. But it is still going to be tight financially.   Once they hit kindergarten, I think we should be able to buy a new car and boat at the same time. Or start paying back our credit cards I guess. heh. Of course by then, they will be involved in some activity like skiing or hockey and well, I guess we will never see money again. 😉

As for the life of their father… I guess not much as changed in the past couple of months. I am ready for them to talk. It would be nice if they could tell me what they want, rather than just have a temper tantrum until you hand them everything neat the location they are pointing to. They do not cry as much as they use to, as mentioned before. Now its more of a fake whining cry. And you know this because the second you give them whatever it is they want, they instantly stop. I am also looking forward to the day when they no longer want to empty every drawer and cabinet in the house just for the sake of emptying it. Or taking out all the recycling.But as always, you love the hugs and the kisses. The way they will walk over to you and sit on your lap. The funny (and sometimes annoying) way they mimic everything you do and what to do it also, though they totally cannot do it. aka sweeping… You make a nice neat pile and then blam-o, they spread it everywhere again. It is one of those things where you get to sleep all night and be all rested in the morning, but by noon, you are exhausted chasing them around and cleaning up after them. By the time dinner time hits and their bed time. You crash on the couch and want nothing to do with anything. Your are mentally and physically drained. Its the thoughts of all the laughs and good times, that make you realize its all worth it.

Well that is enough of my venting for the month. Till next time, enjoy this fun video and these cute pictures…

17 months of being a Father

It is the night before Father’s Day. My second one. The funny thing is, I do not even remember the first one. Oh well. This one I get to travel for work. So I won’t be here for this one. Meggi has gotten me addicted to Huffington Post blog articles. They have post some really good posts lately on Father’s. I hope some day my kids think of me they way those bloggers feel about their dads. I have never been one for having people go out of their way for me. I do not remember ever thinking I wanted big birthday parties. It was embarrassing to have people fuss over me… As a matter of fact it still is. I am one of those people that believes that you should show how special a person is everyday or you should feel special everyday. Especially as a parent. As some of you might have been able to catch onto in my oh so not subtle way, the first 12 month or so, was not my piece of cake. Even now there are moments that I wish would go away. But at the end of each day, when I take stock of all that is important in my life. When I put those two little kids down, I feel special. I feel privileged to be their dad. I think back to the times when they come running to me crying, wanted to be comforted by me. I am their special comfort machine. I love how they try to mimic whatever it is I am doing. One of the reasons I have not gotten this post out until now is that I have been working on building a storage shed, and as frustrating as it can me, all they want to do is help. Both Riley and Hattie will grab nails and try to put them in the wood. Riley even grabs a hammer and pounds on the walls. When I cook, Riley wants the spoon or spatula and wants to help stir. If you give him a spoon and a pot, he will stir things up. When I shower in the morning. Hattie will push these little foam numbers and letters under the shower door. I push them back out with my feet. Just the other day, she started pushing them back in the shower with her feet. In the morning, when I put my socks on, they will bring me my shoes. Just today, after I had gotten the roof on the shed and the windows, I sat inside I was admiring my work and they both came in and sat down on my lap and just hung out with me. It was great. It is all those things that occur each day that make me realize how much I mean to them. I do not need a special day. I have every day.

As far as the kids development, there is not really anything big recently. I mean they continue to have more and more understanding of what we say to them. They have not learned any new words really. I guess we listen to, too much music. They love music, especially Hattie. Each morning, she goes straight to the computer and says, Ba Ba… Which is her word for music. You start it up and both her and Riley start to dance. Awhile ago, I posted this video

. And then tonight I posted this video. And then of course here are the latest (well two weeks old) and greatest photos. Enjoy!


Sweet Sixteen

So I guess, we had 16 days, 16 weeks but now we have 16 months. All that is left is 16 years. Good thing that will not be happening for 15 years. Honestly, I should have had a couple of posts between this and the last one, but April kinda flew by on us. As most of you are well aware of, we had our first road trip. We traveled back to North Dakota for Easter. The trip was actually really good. We did the trip a couple of different ways. On the way there, we did 8 hours one day and then 11 hours the next day. We did this mostly because Meggi’s dad’s mother (aka Great Grandma) wanted to see the kids. So we made a little side trip to Fort Peck, Montana to meet up with Meggi’s dad and her. The first day of 8 hours to Billings went super smooth. We stayed in a hotel that had an attached indoor water park and the kids loved it! Sadly, we did not get any pictures. Waters and cameras are not good friends. And really, after 8 hours of driving, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

Now before this trip, we have ventured out and had meals at some local restaurants , and the kids had done great for the most part.  But after the day of driving and after the water park, I am not sure if it was just because they were tired, or just because they have figured out something new about their ability to walk around, but they wanted nothing to do with sitting in their high chair. They would not sit in our laps. They just wanted to run around this semi-nice and crowded restaurant. It was painful. But so be it, we went back to the hotel room and the kids went right to sleep! Which was good. Nothing like having screaming kids in a hotel room. The next day we went up to Fort Peck and then on to Jamestown. It was a little rough that day. I think 8-9 hours is the kids max for being patient in the car.

Easter weekend at my moms was good. We had a great time. We relaxed and the weather was super nice. The kids warmed up to my mom and Sheila a lot more quickly than they did over Christmas. Again, we tried going to restaurants, this time when the kids were rested and it was not any better. So I personally have sworn off taking the kids out for  the next year or two. We had a great Easter. We went to the Easter breakfast at church and then to my sisters for an Easter Lunch and to see what the Easter Bunny brought the kids. They got all kinds of good stuff. We did the babies on parade at my mom’s work place. Which all the people loved. And then we went home by driving overnight. It was 14 hours, and other than the buffalo on the road in white out conditions, it was good. I was a little tired by the time we landed in Hailey. So in the end, I am not 100% sure which way is the best way to go. I guess as long as we have the time and money to do the trip in two days. I think the kids should be able to handle it. We will be able to test that this summer likely, as the hope is to head back for family reunion and class reunion.

Now as far as the kids go, I really need to get you some video of what has become the craziness of a day in the house. The kids are super mobile. They are wicked smart, for people who cannot even talk yet, and they get into everything. Yes, they have been getting into everything for a while now, but now they are much faster at it. So the house is wreck by 9 am. Then, they want to go outside and run in opposite directions. And they really know what they want to do. That independence that everyone talked about is started to show. Though it is more of s stubbornness. Riley is a little shadow and will follow you any where and want to do what you are doing. He “helped” me pull weeds and move rocks from the front garden. When you are in the kitchen, he will get his bowl and his spoon and be ready to help. So they are still very clingy when YOU move and go to do something. But if you are just hanging out, they will run out the back door, which they have figured out how to open and try to jump off the deck. Sure its only three feet off the ground, but that is far for a two foot tall person.

They are wanting to use their spoon and forks. They want to eat your food that you are eating, not the exact same food that is on their tray. Of course, it is a 50/50 shot they want to actually eat in their high chair. We are trying new food and new flavors. Ya know, things that are not pureed or chopped up into tiny pieces. They love it. So that is good.

Lastly, words are starting to form. Now, for the record, Hattie’s first word was Dog, and likely so was Riley’s but I think their second word was technically NO. And not just No, but No, No, No, No. Riley can say shoes if he wants to. They can say Mama or Da Da but not always when they are looking at us. So they know but not functional, like Dog or No No No No.

As for the parenting, well at this stage, it is what it is really. This is that part where previous twins parents told you that things don’t get easier, they get different. Like I have mentioned before, once you start sleeping through the night, it is easier to deal with. But now, the work you have to do when you are awake, it MUCH harder. Keeping them from eating who knows what, stopping them from fighting, stopping them from running into the middle of the road (luckily we live on a very quite street). But you get more laughs, you get more interaction. You get hugs and kisses and snuggles (still rare as this point). The fun times are more fun and the work times are more work. It is just the way it is.

Well, I know most of you could care less about my ramblings and just want to see cute pictures. SO…. here ya go. Enjoy. (Sorry no videos this time.)

2 + 2 equals 4?

Could it be? Is it really happening? Not once but twice?! I thought 2 was hard enough, now 4. This has to be some kind of joke, right? I mean chasing down two is hard enough. How will I ever keep up with 4?

I guess we can keep the dogs on leashes and let the kids continue to run around in the park. That should do nicely. Now that Riley and Hattie have gotten a taste for the outdoors, they want more and more. Of course, they just have to start getting smarter. They know that if you put their shoes on them, it means they are going outside. They will bring you your shoes. It is getting kinda scary to think that they are becoming functional human beings. As mentioned before, you say bath, they go to the bathroom. Hattie has started nodding. Though I am not 100% convinced she knows what she is nodding to, but when it seems like she is done eating and you ask her if she wants out, she nods and raises her arms. It is pretty wild. They are quite the explorers when they are outside. Not that, that is any different than when they are inside. Our house is a nightly deluge of empty drawers. The spice drawer was quickly becoming a favorite. Paprika and Garlic Powder seemed to be his favorite. He really seemed to like the mustard also. Once they started dumping them all over the floor it was time to box them up. Though, really, lets face it, they were doing us a favor. Those spices and herbs were so old. We needed fresh ones anyways.

For those of you who did not remember March 23rd was Meggi’s birthday, the first of many 29th birthdays. It was a good day. Her dad was in town and we all went to the park. Meggi really wanted to have the kids swinging and so we tried that. Both of them loved it. As you can tell by this video, Hattie really loved swinging with Meggi.

As their personalities continue to emerge, you can’t help but wonder and almost worry about how they will turn out. Just this last weekend, on this radio show This American Life, they did a show about Bad Baby. The mother that is featured in the first story has a blog at  She is an amazing person. Though at this stage, I do not see anything that thinks Riley will get this bad. He has some of that attitude about him. He does not care, he is taking the toy or object you or his sister is playing with. He drank all his milk and takes his sisters from her. He pushes her out of the way and anyone else for that matter to make room for himself. So I worry. I hope that we do right by teaching him empathy. If you do not listen to the entire episode, there is a Dr. they talk to and said people are the meanest/worst when they are about two years old. Thus the terrible twos. Most all kids grow out of it. I hope Meggi and I have the skills and the patience to help our kids if they do become little monsters. I really think the hardest part will being fair and balanced not punishing one kid or while rewarding the other kid more. I previously dated a woman, who at the time had 8 year old twin girls. And I remember her saying, that you have to be equal about things at all times. I use to think, why? You can give a little to one this time and a little to the other another time. Truth is, (I can see this already in these two), they do not think outside the present. They do not remember that an hour ago you gave one of them a fruit snack and now it is the other ones turn for a fruit snack. They want a fruit snack now also. There is definitely something to the thought of, “Don’t tell me what to do if you have never been in that situation (aka being parent or parent of twins).” And then of course there are many ways to raise good kids. Ya just have to keep doing what you think is working.

Well with that… Here is another fun video of me chasing the kids with the camera.

And… Fun pictures from our family day at the park and the 15 month photos. Enjoy!

Spring has Sprung

Well I thought I would give you a little mid-month post. It got really nice this last weekend and we made our first trip to the park since learning to walk. So I thought I would share a few photos of the fun. Also, we have been shooting some videos, so we have some new videos for you all. But otherwise, not much new in the world of the babies. Hattie did get a “black eye” (eyelid) while at the park when she fell and hit her eyebrow on some park equipment. Still no talking yet. They can maybe say a couple of words like dog and ma ma. But that is about it. They can wave goodbye and Hattie will blow you kisses. Riley will give Meggi a kiss on the lips. Though the little pervert has tried to slip her the tongue a time or two, complete with lots of drool. As I talked about last time, when going out, it can be quite the adventure dealing with other people. Meggi found this video on Facebook the other day… It is pretty darn funny and quite accurate.

I did add two videos to my vimeo account. This video, is fun. It is of Hattie and Riley playing peek a boo while eating. They love to play this with blankets and with their little chairs but we caught it this time with me behind their high chairs.

Then I also uploaded this video. This one is a little more boring and 10 minutes long. (I warned you, you can not get these 10 minutes back) I like it, because it gives you a glimpse into what the day is like with the twins. You can see how messy our house is by the mid afternoon. Though is has been interesting for me at least, as they seem to be getting even more clingy. They are like little shadows that follow you everywhere. If you try to cook, Riley and even Hattie will squeeze in between your legs and the stove and then look up at you and cry, trying to get you to pick them up so they can see what you are doing. I have this suspicion that if you want to smother your kid in attention, they will be all independent and such. And if you ignore them and do chores around the house, they will be on you like white on rice. It is basically reverse psychology.

The other thing I keep forgetting to also link to, is this other parenting blog. It is pretty funny and of course very accurate. Her kids are a bit older, so it gives me a glimpse of what is to come. It is called Illustrated with Crappy Pictures™. So if you are looking for some other fun kids stuff to waste your time with, this will do.

So here are your mid-month pictures…




Walk this Way… Talk this way…

Ok, no talking yet, but they are quite the babble-ers. Especially Hattie. I have a feeling it will be hard to keep that girl quiet. It would not surprise me if she talks first. But for now, she has joined the ranks of the walking humans. Even if it is only 5-10 steps. But as Riley has taught us, give them a week or two and they will walk everywhere. In case you wanted proof… Here is your Proof.

As far as other videos go, it is hard to get good video because (as mentioned before) once you pop out the camera all they want to do is play with the camera. She also love music. She dances all the time to some music. I would really like to capture that, but I have to be tricky about it.

Their eating habits are getting tougher to judge now. They have their favorites. Riley will take a piece of food, put it up to his mouth and then put it back down. He will then pick out all the piece of that food and drop them off to the side of the highchair. He will take a bite of his quesadilla and taste the black bean, then pull the black bean out of it and eat it. Followed up by blowing a raspberry. The only problem with this behavior is that I feel like I am wasting a lot of food. Because there is a lot of food I offer to them and they only eat so much. I try to snack on some of it but black bean quesadilla with peaches doesn’t really taste that good. Especially when it is mushy.  Otherwise there is not much for new about the kids that we have not already talked about.

As far as the parenting goes… Well as we start to hit spring, spring fever starts in. It will be nice when the snow melts off and we can take the kids to the park. To get out. Of course then the interactions with other people start again. heh. As I mentioned last summer, it is almost like you are a freak show and everyone wants to talk to you. They want to talk to you about your twins. They want to tell you about how they are connected to some twins. Truth be told, I am guilty of that one. OH, I have twins also. But for me the cabin fever is getting a little tough, And actually it is getting harder to go out with the kids. There is more of them to carry to the car. (Soon it will hopefully be herding them to the car.) And the hardest part, is now that they are more aware, when you are in the store, they want to grab EVERYTHING! It is not too bad once they are on the stroller. I think for me personally, it is hard to get use to having to make sure you take x, y and z with you. I am very much a get up and go type of person. Forgot you coat? No big deal you get a little chilly. Forget a coat now and you have very unhappy kids who start to cry and you have to race home. Forgot diapers? Milk? Food? Toys? I used to make fun of people who made check lists (and I do not at this point) but I get it now. And honestly, those people are genius. Like going to the grocery store. If I was start about it, I would take a list with me. Though for now, it is mostly buy milk and fruit of some sort. These of course are the changes we make when we have kids. It is an adjustment. Just like when you come home, you make them food, give them a bath or shower (btw I forgot, they love showers as you will see a couple photos below) and then read to them (Hattie LOVES books already) and then put them down for bed. Then you spend the next hour or so cleaning up after feeding them and the mess they made with the toys, stuff from the pantry and pots and pans. Then you make your own food, or eat a bowl of cold cereal. Then it is time for bed. Oh the days of just coming home, eating whatever take out your bought and drinking a beer, watching some hockey and going to bed all relaxed. Another adjustment. But as all parents know. All the other stuff they bring into your life is so worth it. The smiles, the hugs, the laughs. It is all good stuff. So here are the 14 month photos.

Catching Up…

So I have the time and the initiative to do a second blog post a day later. You see… The kids turned one. Then they turned 13 months. So we have those great photos for you. And as most of you know from Facebook… We have some video proof of Riley, walking. Yep, he was so excited for the Super Bowl that his first quality steps on his own happened that night. Riley have also popped (or erupted) 4 new teeth, all on the top gum. Hattie on the other hand is slow playing the whole walking thing and teething thing. She has had these giant blisters on her top gums for over a month now but they just do not want to pop out. I have a feeling it will be happening any day now. And as far as the walking thing goes… Now that she sees her brother doing it, she is working on it. Before Riley started walking on his own, he would come up to you, grab your fingers and then start taking off, and you better keep up. Hattie has started the same thing now. It’s really pretty cute. She will crawl up to you, grab your fingers and turn around. So you are all crossed armed chasing a two foot tall human around. Again, you better keep up. The next step will be convincing her to do it on her own. I have a feeling a phone will be involved.

Speaking of the phone, to me, the funniest thing is how Hattie now knows the sound of the phone. If you get a text message and it dings, she will get all big eyed and start “who, who, who” and look around, then look back at you, like… You are going to get that, right? I personally always keep my phone on vibrate but Meggi and her mom do not and seriously, Hattie will hear it when I do not. On that note, these little 13 month old munchkins are very smart already. They may not know how to talk to you, but they are listening. If you say the word bath, they start to take off to the bathroom and screaming to get in the tub. You say food, or dinner or lunch… They crawl over to their high chairs and do the same thing. Hattie knows what a book is and what a ball is. They know that the little squeeze packages of fruit, have food in them that they love. They will go to the pantry, grab one and bring it over to you. It is only a matter of time before they open them, themselves.

With a year under our belt, the parenting aspect has changed also. Luckily, there is not too much of the random crying for little to no reason. And the crying that does happen, can pretty easily be consoled and brought into check. For me that is HUGE! Night time can still be tough. There are some nights, they just do not want to go to bed. We try letting them cry it out for a little bit but we usually give in. The hope is that one of them has fallen asleep because it is impossible to rock them both to sleep. The best part is how interactive they are now. Of course it is also the worst part. They will follow you wherever you go, they want to eat whatever you are eating, drink whatever you are drinking and play with whatever you have in your hands. There are moments when they forget about you and you can get the dishes washed or clothes put away. I remember when we first brought them home and I would religiously search the user forms of the Baby Center website. And I think one of the most asked questions of new parents of twins was, “When does it get easier?” The most common answer was, it doesn’t it just changes. The second most common was after 1 year. My opinion is that it gets easier when they start sleeping through the night. That changes everything. Also, I think we all have different developmental stages of a child we like best and can deal with best. Mine was not infancy. This toddler thing is a LOT better. Don’t get me wrong, its not all peaches and cream. But now they can melt your heart, play with you and  be a friend. Which makes up for the fighting over toys, the constant need to be picked up and to touch the picture frames on the wall. The truth be told, looking back, the first year was pretty much a blur. And I am sure the rest will be somewhat of a blur also. I guess it is good, we have this blog.

Well, here are some more photos from the past month and a half. And the link to Riley walking. Hopefully we can get more videos and post them more often.