The Terrible 20 Months

The title says is all really. The tantrums are tough. They have been getting tougher and tougher. I am not sure if it is us who are getting tougher and saying No, more often or if they are just wanting things they want more intensely then they have in the past. My hope is that they are getting it out of the way. You hear of people saying wait till the terrible 3’s or 4’s. Well maybe if we have the terrible 20 months, it won’t be so bad in a couple of years. I think they are probably as frustrated as we are that they cannot communicate what it is they want to say. Also, they just do not understand or accept the fact that it is only good for them to have one Popsicle a day. Not one every five minutes. The other thing that gets incredibility frustrating is how some of their behaviors are so gosh darn cute, but at the same time so gosh darn annoying! As mentioned before, they love to help with whatever activity you are doing, be it cleaning even. They just suck at it. And they do not want help doing it. They have figured out how to move the chairs and climb up them and get themselves up to the counter tops. It was fun and cute at first. Now, we have moved the chairs to the garage so they cannot do it anymore. Though, now, they want us to pick them up so they can get the stuff they want off the counter top.

So, for those of you that are parents, you know that this is just life with toddlers. And yes, I use this blog to vent my frustrations BUT I hope that you all realize that I am a parent also and that I love these kiddos. I love their nuisances. It is what makes them great individuals. But it also makes life a little more frustrating at times then it use to be. The good news is that as they get older, we as parents get more adventurous with the kids. We did go to the Big Hitch parade over Labor Day weekend.  We go out with them, except not to a restaurant, I am not ready to tackle that again for a long time.

As far as daycare goes, they have done really well. So that is good. Also, the one really cure thing is how empathetic they are towards each other. If one starts to cry, the other will bring them their blanket or bottle. Of course you have the example where Riley takes something from Hattie, she cries and then Riley brings her, her blanket… When really she just wants the item back. And vise versa. Or when he bites her.

The language stuff is still slow going. The babbling is not. I fear when they learn the English language it will be non stop talking here. Maybe we have listened to too much music and not watched enough TV for them to learn to talk really soon. Then again, maybe its just me and the fact that I do not talk that much. They are learning a couple of new words every so often. But not putting two together. We still have plenty of time.

Otherwise, they just keep growing and keep being cute. They are great kids. Messy kids. But great kids.