The Terrible 20 Months

The title says is all really. The tantrums are tough. They have been getting tougher and tougher. I am not sure if it is us who are getting tougher and saying No, more often or if they are just wanting things they want more intensely then they have in the past. My hope is that they are getting it out of the way. You hear of people saying wait till the terrible 3’s or 4’s. Well maybe if we have the terrible 20 months, it won’t be so bad in a couple of years. I think they are probably as frustrated as we are that they cannot communicate what it is they want to say. Also, they just do not understand or accept the fact that it is only good for them to have one Popsicle a day. Not one every five minutes. The other thing that gets incredibility frustrating is how some of their behaviors are so gosh darn cute, but at the same time so gosh darn annoying! As mentioned before, they love to help with whatever activity you are doing, be it cleaning even. They just suck at it. And they do not want help doing it. They have figured out how to move the chairs and climb up them and get themselves up to the counter tops. It was fun and cute at first. Now, we have moved the chairs to the garage so they cannot do it anymore. Though, now, they want us to pick them up so they can get the stuff they want off the counter top.

So, for those of you that are parents, you know that this is just life with toddlers. And yes, I use this blog to vent my frustrations BUT I hope that you all realize that I am a parent also and that I love these kiddos. I love their nuisances. It is what makes them great individuals. But it also makes life a little more frustrating at times then it use to be. The good news is that as they get older, we as parents get more adventurous with the kids. We did go to the Big Hitch parade over Labor Day weekend.  We go out with them, except not to a restaurant, I am not ready to tackle that again for a long time.

As far as daycare goes, they have done really well. So that is good. Also, the one really cure thing is how empathetic they are towards each other. If one starts to cry, the other will bring them their blanket or bottle. Of course you have the example where Riley takes something from Hattie, she cries and then Riley brings her, her blanket… When really she just wants the item back. And vise versa. Or when he bites her.

The language stuff is still slow going. The babbling is not. I fear when they learn the English language it will be non stop talking here. Maybe we have listened to too much music and not watched enough TV for them to learn to talk really soon. Then again, maybe its just me and the fact that I do not talk that much. They are learning a couple of new words every so often. But not putting two together. We still have plenty of time.

Otherwise, they just keep growing and keep being cute. They are great kids. Messy kids. But great kids.

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Well ok, if you want. But the truth is, the beginning of July is a tough one to take the time to sit back and edit some photos and write up something meaningful. It is a very busy time for both Meggi and I. Of course, I could just post more often than once a month and take more pictures and have more of a reason to post things but that is just not me right now. There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the kids. I just have to have the camera ready and snap away. But I do not want to be that parent who is lost behind the camera and is not living in the moment with their kids. I hope, that as they get older we will be doing more activities. Right now its mostly us just hanging out at home or at the park. Mostly because due to our schedules, there is only one day a week when Meggi and I are together with the kids (other than right as they wake up or go to bed). So, if I take the kids somewhere, they stay in the stroller. That is because they are not fast and they are totally all about one of them running after one thing and the other running after something else. They are proficient climbers. As you can tell by this video of Riley. Hattie can do it just as well.

What else have the two devils been up to? Really, not much. As mentioned two months ago, they understand a lot of what we say and they know what certain things are, but they are not forming words yet. A few words. Then again, as a first time parent, I was expecting them to just one day start saying all kinds of words. At least that is what all other mothers make it sound like. Their kids started talking when they were 9 months. I guess you could say ours were also, but they only said one word. I would not really call that talking. Even now, they are only a one word act. And I think its mostly the same words I have mentioned in the past, ma ma, da da, dog, nose… I get apple is a new one and up, but its at and ap for those two words. And of course ba ba is still music. They are quite good at saying no. And Hattie is the queen of saying no when you ask her if she wants to go to bed. Riley, doesn’t really answer yet. I am pretty sure the old stereotype of girls talking first will be true of these two. Riley just doesn’t seem to want to talk. If he does, he does it very quietly and does it when you don’t ask him. Ask him to say it and he freezes up. The one cure new thing is that they will grab your hand or finger, and lead you to where ever they want to go. Riley actually hates dog poop so much, that he will come get you and lead you right to the pile and then walk around the yard holding your finger looking for more. I think our kids might have some OCD issues. Or not…

The one bit of big news is that the kids start a daycare on Monday. Meggi’s aunt Barb has had enough of them making a mess, opening any drawer not locked down, throwing around dirt and playing in the mud. They get to go play with some other kids on a daily basis. Which will be good. If they hung around just us any longer and then would likely just sit around texting their friends and reading the news on their phone all the time. Oh yeah, today’s kids just do that anyways. But the lady that is going to be watching them comes highly recommended by a couple different people that we know personally. So it is good. And we got as good of a deal as we could get in this area. But it is still going to be tight financially.   Once they hit kindergarten, I think we should be able to buy a new car and boat at the same time. Or start paying back our credit cards I guess. heh. Of course by then, they will be involved in some activity like skiing or hockey and well, I guess we will never see money again. 😉

As for the life of their father… I guess not much as changed in the past couple of months. I am ready for them to talk. It would be nice if they could tell me what they want, rather than just have a temper tantrum until you hand them everything neat the location they are pointing to. They do not cry as much as they use to, as mentioned before. Now its more of a fake whining cry. And you know this because the second you give them whatever it is they want, they instantly stop. I am also looking forward to the day when they no longer want to empty every drawer and cabinet in the house just for the sake of emptying it. Or taking out all the recycling.But as always, you love the hugs and the kisses. The way they will walk over to you and sit on your lap. The funny (and sometimes annoying) way they mimic everything you do and what to do it also, though they totally cannot do it. aka sweeping… You make a nice neat pile and then blam-o, they spread it everywhere again. It is one of those things where you get to sleep all night and be all rested in the morning, but by noon, you are exhausted chasing them around and cleaning up after them. By the time dinner time hits and their bed time. You crash on the couch and want nothing to do with anything. Your are mentally and physically drained. Its the thoughts of all the laughs and good times, that make you realize its all worth it.

Well that is enough of my venting for the month. Till next time, enjoy this fun video and these cute pictures…