Mothers Day The Third

Well, some how some way, the kids have survived another year of living and we have survived another year of parenting. Three years of Parenthood. And today on this Mothers Day, I would like to take a little bit of time to recognize the mothers of the world. Especially the mothers in my life.

My mother-in-law, Nance, has been a true blessing in this parenting journey. I will admit I was not jumping up and down when I heard Nance was going to be moving closer to us. TV sitcoms had clouded my vision and gave me nightmares of the over-bearing mother-in-law that would be over at our house everyday and meddling in every aspect of our lives. But the truth is, Nance has been nothing like that. She has been supportive, loving and caring. She has bailed us out and made our lives better in so many ways and times. She raised an amazing daughter and has continues to help raise our kids. Riley may be a little angry with her right now, but he still loves going over to Grammies house. I am glad that she around the corner and that the kids get to have that experience. In the simplest of words, thank you Nance for all the wonderful things you bring into our lives.

With my mom, words are hard to put down to explain what my mom means to me. As a teenager, I never really knew. Even in college I was only started to realize what an amazing person and parent my mom was. I don’t remember how old I was, but it was a long time before I ever remember telling my mom I loved her. And it was from that time on, that if anyone asked I would say, my hero was my mom. What is funny, is that in today’s internet age, parenting advice is a dime a dozen. There are pages and pages of information on how to raise your kids. What you should do if your kid does this or if your kid does that. My mom did not have that and yet looking back my mom did everything perfect and exactly the way it needed to be done to raise me and to “handle” me. I cannot image being raised any other way. I know I am not some super successful, wealthy person, but the success I have had in life is 99 percent her. And every time I sit down and think about how great my life is, I thank her in my head and my heart. One of these days, I will get over my macho self and tell her in person. But even before I wrote this, I always that in some small ways she has always known. Because she always knows…

They say you save the best for last. And when it comes to me and food, that is true. Whatever the best tasting dish on my plate is, I always make sure to leave that bite of food to be the last one. With Meggi, it is also hard to put into words what she means to me and to the kids. I hope that our kids will be more expressive with their feelings. Though, I can tell already that Riley is a little too much like me in that regard. I would say its a boy thing but its probably my bad influence. Meggi has been the right mother at the right time for these kids, just like my mom. She give them the love and the understanding they need at the time they need it. She gives them the tough love and non-understanding at the right times also. She gives in when it appropriate and says no when, a NO is needed. She has learned or maybe she just develop the skills and tools needed to keep this little family chugging along. She handles the bad time with grace and celebrates the good times with much joy and excitement. She is definitely a stabilizing force and the ying to my yang when it comes to raising the kids.

So on this, her third year as Mother, I simply want to say thank you for being who you are, the perfect mother for the kids and the perfect wife for me. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers who read this.

Now, what you all have been waiting for… Pictures!

Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Well ok, if you want. But the truth is, the beginning of July is a tough one to take the time to sit back and edit some photos and write up something meaningful. It is a very busy time for both Meggi and I. Of course, I could just post more often than once a month and take more pictures and have more of a reason to post things but that is just not me right now. There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the kids. I just have to have the camera ready and snap away. But I do not want to be that parent who is lost behind the camera and is not living in the moment with their kids. I hope, that as they get older we will be doing more activities. Right now its mostly us just hanging out at home or at the park. Mostly because due to our schedules, there is only one day a week when Meggi and I are together with the kids (other than right as they wake up or go to bed). So, if I take the kids somewhere, they stay in the stroller. That is because they are not fast and they are totally all about one of them running after one thing and the other running after something else. They are proficient climbers. As you can tell by this video of Riley. Hattie can do it just as well.

What else have the two devils been up to? Really, not much. As mentioned two months ago, they understand a lot of what we say and they know what certain things are, but they are not forming words yet. A few words. Then again, as a first time parent, I was expecting them to just one day start saying all kinds of words. At least that is what all other mothers make it sound like. Their kids started talking when they were 9 months. I guess you could say ours were also, but they only said one word. I would not really call that talking. Even now, they are only a one word act. And I think its mostly the same words I have mentioned in the past, ma ma, da da, dog, nose… I get apple is a new one and up, but its at and ap for those two words. And of course ba ba is still music. They are quite good at saying no. And Hattie is the queen of saying no when you ask her if she wants to go to bed. Riley, doesn’t really answer yet. I am pretty sure the old stereotype of girls talking first will be true of these two. Riley just doesn’t seem to want to talk. If he does, he does it very quietly and does it when you don’t ask him. Ask him to say it and he freezes up. The one cure new thing is that they will grab your hand or finger, and lead you to where ever they want to go. Riley actually hates dog poop so much, that he will come get you and lead you right to the pile and then walk around the yard holding your finger looking for more. I think our kids might have some OCD issues. Or not…

The one bit of big news is that the kids start a daycare on Monday. Meggi’s aunt Barb has had enough of them making a mess, opening any drawer not locked down, throwing around dirt and playing in the mud. They get to go play with some other kids on a daily basis. Which will be good. If they hung around just us any longer and then would likely just sit around texting their friends and reading the news on their phone all the time. Oh yeah, today’s kids just do that anyways. But the lady that is going to be watching them comes highly recommended by a couple different people that we know personally. So it is good. And we got as good of a deal as we could get in this area. But it is still going to be tight financially.   Once they hit kindergarten, I think we should be able to buy a new car and boat at the same time. Or start paying back our credit cards I guess. heh. Of course by then, they will be involved in some activity like skiing or hockey and well, I guess we will never see money again. 😉

As for the life of their father… I guess not much as changed in the past couple of months. I am ready for them to talk. It would be nice if they could tell me what they want, rather than just have a temper tantrum until you hand them everything neat the location they are pointing to. They do not cry as much as they use to, as mentioned before. Now its more of a fake whining cry. And you know this because the second you give them whatever it is they want, they instantly stop. I am also looking forward to the day when they no longer want to empty every drawer and cabinet in the house just for the sake of emptying it. Or taking out all the recycling.But as always, you love the hugs and the kisses. The way they will walk over to you and sit on your lap. The funny (and sometimes annoying) way they mimic everything you do and what to do it also, though they totally cannot do it. aka sweeping… You make a nice neat pile and then blam-o, they spread it everywhere again. It is one of those things where you get to sleep all night and be all rested in the morning, but by noon, you are exhausted chasing them around and cleaning up after them. By the time dinner time hits and their bed time. You crash on the couch and want nothing to do with anything. Your are mentally and physically drained. Its the thoughts of all the laughs and good times, that make you realize its all worth it.

Well that is enough of my venting for the month. Till next time, enjoy this fun video and these cute pictures…

How do you like your oatmeal?

With a little breast milk please! Well, I am guessing that is what Riley is saying each time we feed him oatmeal. Riley was drinking over 40 ounces of milk a day. Since Meggi only pumps about 56 ounces a day, we needed to do something. So we bought some oatmeal, mixed it with breast milk and we have now started Riley on oatmeal. It was a little bit earlier than we would have liked. Since they recommend that you wait until 6 months to start solids. But they do say it is okay after 4 months. SO, we went with it. And so far he seems to love it. We have not introduced anything other than the oatmeal to this point and probably won’t until 6 months. And Hattie is still doing good one breast milk. As a matter of fact, she sleeps through the night most nights. Riley, even with the solids still wakes up once or twice a night but not too bad. The good news is he goes straight back to sleep after eating.

In other news, my mom and sister got the twins some Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits. They are sized for 9 months. Well, Riley pretty much fits in his now (mostly because of the cloth diapers). We got them out and dressed them up and took some photos. We now have a new banner photo. Along with some other photos.

And lastly, today we decided to get out with the twins and visit the camas prairie. Camas is a native lily that blooms in the spring in fields that turn into a sea of blue. The Nez Perce Indians would harvest the roots, dry it out and make a flour from it and then make camas cakes. After loading everyone up, we got out there and it was a beautiful day. The camas was a little bloomed out already. It has been a dry spring and the snow melted pretty early. But either way, we got some great new photos of the babies and we got out and enjoyed the outdoors with them for the first time. All we needed was a picnic basket and we would have been set. Next spring, we will head back. It will make for some great photos as the kids will hopefully walking and be as tall as the camas.

The Four Month Check Up on Parenting

So last week, the twins hit the four month mark. One third of the first year is over. At times it has felt like it has gone by very fast, at other times is feels like it has been forever. This past Wednesday, the babies had their 4 month check up. This included some vaccinations. So it was not the funnest of trips. But they did pretty well considering, there was only about 3 minutes of hard core crying. Riley was 14 pounds 11 ounces. So he is almost 15 lbs already. Hattie was 11 lbs 9 ounces. Getting close to 12. By 6 months, I have a feeling a will both have tripled their birth weight. Which is great. The funny part is that Riley was in the 50th percentile for his weight. He seems so big, but if you had 10 babies lined up, he would be the 5th biggest. Hattie was in the 25th percentile. Which is fine. The good news is that they are growing and that is all that counts.

So after 4 months, I can tell you lots of good things and lots of not so good things. The truth is being a parent, and maybe its a part of raising a child in the information age, is very worrisome. Of course these are things you can not do anything about. But yet there you are worrying. I can also understand where women can get postpartum depression. I am a male and I do not have to deal with all the fluctuating hormones and even I get down. Its hard to not feel like a failure when your kids will not stop crying. When you cannot find the time to clean the house, walk the dogs, spend quality adult time with your spouse. You start to feel like you are a failure. You feel like your babies do not like you. They never seem to cry for other people. Then again, you never see them with other people. Then you read stories on the internet and unless your kids are walking and talking and potty trained and sleeping through the night at 5 months, they you are not doing it right. We all handle stress different ways. Sadly, for me, I tend to handle it with frustration, which manifests into anger. Its not good. Well it has one upside, I tend to get a lot of cleaning done. Since I cannot take off and go for a hike or bike ride, I need to burn off the pent up frustration and it it usually with cleaning.

But the good things that you learn over 4 months is how much a happy baby can make you feel like the most loved person in the world. Taking the time to sit back and watch them take a bath is so relaxing. Well for me it is, because the kids love to take baths. The smiles they give you the way they talk (I think) at you. It melts your heart. You feel like a champion when your kids do simple things like grab a ball or track the ball with their eyes. The simplest things can make you realize that you have not damaged your kids, yet. heh. It is a blessing and a curse that I have no idea what it is like to raise only one child. I know this is tough. Just the fact that is is very hard to comfort two babies at the same time but then at the end the feeling of triumph when you do, is the back and forth that I have dealt with as a new parent of twins. In the end, its all good. As a matter of fact, its great. I just need to build that special brain reading device that will tell me what is wrong with the babies. Or maybe some headphones that turns screams and crying into music.

The best part is that I have two very cute kids to take pictures of… And some videos. I am still in the search for a video editing software. So for now, you get more pictures. With the weather getting nice finally, hopefully we can get out and get some fun ones outside.

Shake, Shake, Shake… Shake your baby.

Hello and Welcome Back!

Yes, as we have entered the 3rd month, it has gotten a little less blog worthy here. Its not that we could not take pictures and I know you all love more and more pictures, it is more that we have gotten busier now that the babies are staying awake more during the day. Gone are the good ol’ days of having the babies napping all hours of the day. Now, they might take a nap or two but during those times you are cleaning up the house, washing diapers or just catching your breath. That is, if they are napping at the same time. The good news is that they are down to only getting up once or twice during the night. That is nice! We are able to get some sleep at night and not having to sneak naps in during the day. Of course, now you have to be playing with them or they get a little testy. Hattie for sure. She is one spoiled little girl already. She wants to be held or at least sitting up. So you have to prop her up or she gets angry. The other good news, is that spring is starting to arrive. Its getting a little warmer outside and soon we can be chilling out on the deck after going for a walk. Cabin fever is getting a little rough.

So, the reason for this post, is to talk about our new Saturday activity. We have already started to spend what little money we have on classes for the babies. I got Meggi an early mother’s day present. She really wanted to attend a “Baby Moves” class with the babies. Even though we are maybe a couple of months early on the benefits of the class, I thought, why not. Debra at Studio Move in Ketchum teaches the class ( After three classes, I think its more of a get the parents back in shape class then a baby moves class. It is quite the workout. Maybe next week I can shoot a little video and give you an idea. For today, you get a few pictures. It is hard to describe the class. You dance around a lot to music, moving in and out and looking into a mirror. You go around in circles. Doesie doe with other parents and their kids. You bounce on a ball, you bounce your kid on a ball. You have them play with fabrics and musical instruments and you drag them around the room on a sheet. All in all the babies both seem to like it. It for sure, tires them out. So here are some pictures from today’s class and a couple others.

The 3 Month Mark

As I mentioned yesterday, Meggi went back to work today. That meant when I came home for lunch, there was no babies to feed, to hold to burp to change or to love. So I spent some time editing the more recent photos from this last weekend. Here are the wonder twins at three months. It has gone by fast that is for sure and they sure are getting big. We have survive cloth diapering. Meggi has endured breast pumping 6-7 times a day. We have gritted out teeth through massive crying fits for no reason. It is a good thing babies start to smile around this time. Your nerves start to wear and you need those smiles to help you get through those tough times. Oh, I am sure we would survive if there were no smiles, but they sure do help. Heck, even bath time (before Hattie starts freaking out after you take her out) is a nice time to sit back and watch your babies slash and enjoy the warm water. I wonder if taking Hattie out of the bath water, reminds her of birth? Maybe that is why she freaks out so much. As you can see from the pictures it is not all fussiness. Plenty of smiles to go around. Hopefully in the next month or two, this bout of colic goes away. For now, we try to get to bed and hope they sleep for many hours to come.

Long Time No Talk

Well hello faithful blog followers. I apologize for not writing sooner. But you see, raising twins, is like a single mother raising a child. It is a one on one situation and any free time you have is usually left to that extra nap, a run to the store, the new never ending laundry or general cleaning up of the house. Plus, what is there really to say about what we have going on here. Oh, I guess we could talk about the pooping and peeing, thus the diaper changes. We could talk about the spit up or the gassy babies. There are all kinds of quite quips I have thought about posting, though at the moment, I cannot think of them. I guess maybe I could have some micro blog post like we do in Facebook land. Just a quick, this is what I think of those super cute, or super annoying kids of ours, all depending on how much sleep we got that night. I did go back to work part time last week. Meggi survived. This Monday I go back full time. We will see how that goes. The good news is, the babies are getting slightly and slowly better about being left to their own devices. As long as you have them in the proper position and with the proper mood. But I have a feeling I will be racing home from time to time to help out so Meggi can pump breast milk. Its the one thing where you need a straight 20 minutes hands free. And sometimes that does not happen.

In other news, my mother, Grandma Corwin survived a day in the Salt Lake airport to arrive here late last night. I tell ya, today was very nice. We took both babies over to Grammy Rothgeb’s, and let the Grandma’s do the holding and feeding. It was like having two nannies. I think they kinda enjoyed it also. It was a good day had by all. Especially, when my mom’s luggage finally showed up. I tell ya, the weather can cause some serious issues when flying.

So, if you are looking for some insight as to how things are going in Corwin Land, I guess I would say things are going great. Sure, I found sure fire way to get me angry (sleep deprivation) and I now know that babies can go from the love of your life to wanting to sell them on the human trafficking market, again mostly influenced by the amount of sleep you have recently gotten. The babies are healthy…Gaining weight. Riley is 8 lbs and Hattie is 7 lbs already. They are starting to smile. Head control is getting better and better. All in all, not sure what else you want to know. So with that, I give you a bunch of new photos. Enjoy and I promise to not keep the promise of posting more often. But I will try.

The Things You Learn

I have a few minutes, or so I think, we will see. So I thought I would write a short post giving all you followers a little update into our world.

The first thing is to update you on the health of Riley and Hattie. We had our second week appointment last week. They passed with flying colors. Both had gained enough weight to be back to their birth weights. Their overall general health was great. So we got to keep them. The next day Meggi went to what is called the “New Moms Group”. The local hospital basically organizes a noon meeting with new mothers. I think they had children from  age 2 weeks to 10 months. As Meggi describes it, its basically a social group of women who pull out their boobs and breastfeed. But she had a great time and learned a few new things. We also were loaned a baby scale for us to use at home to make sure the twins are getting enough food and gaining weight. As of today, Riley weighs 5 lbs 11 ounces and Hattie is up to 5 lbs 6 ounces. She is now as big as Riley was when he was born.

As you probably guessed from our previous post, the babies have been a bit fussy. But its mostly our fault to this point. Either we have not fed them enough, burped them enough or our desire to not use pacifiers or swaddle them, left them over stimulated. So, we have reverted back to using pacifiers and swaddling. Last night was probably one of the best nights we had. We have also relaxed a bit on our 3 hour schedule at night. We let the babies sleep until one of them wakes up and needs food. This of course has led us to the babies waking up every 3 hours. We also decided to just finger feed them at night and Meggi can just pump. It has gotten us back to sleep faster and has given Meggi’s breast/nipples a bit of rest. It was getting a little rough on them. Mr. Riley is still learning the art of breastfeeding. So last night was the first night of getting some decent sleep at night. Thus this afternoon we are picking up the house and writing this blog post. We have been taking a bunch of pictures and I promise to get them posted in the next few days as long as things keep going well. This afternoon, we are going to temp fate and go to my hockey game. It actually fits nicely in the 3 hour window. So far, anytime we have gotten crazy with outing and such (like doing a set up photo shoot), it has lead to overstimulation and lots of fussing.

Lastly, its interesting to think about, but if we had just one baby, today would have been 40 weeks. So technically, the babies are 0 weeks old today.

The Schedule

As all of you parents are well aware of, when you bring home a new baby things get a little hectic and your are on your babies schedule. Well, we are on our babies schedule… somewhat… and somewhat on ours. Even though we made it to 37 weeks. And 37 weeks is considered the beginning of a full term baby, medically they call the babies late pre-term. Thus, given their currently small statures, the fact that they came early, and Meggi had pre-eclampsia (which is delaying her milk coming in (and the fact that she had a c-section)) Double parenthesis, I am sure the grammar police are going to be arresting me on that one. As I was saying, given all the issues the babies were given a 3 hour feeding cycles. We start at 0800 hours. We start by waking the babies up, usually by changing their diapers. We bring the babies to the breast for 20 or so minutes. Then we supplement with formula to help them gain weight and make up for the simple fact that there is not a lot being produces right now. Then we burp them and they fall asleep in a nice food induced coma. This generally leaves us with about 1.5 hours to sleep. Then it is up and at them again at 01100, 1400, 1700, 2000, 2300, 0200, 0500 and back to 0800 hours. Yep that is our lives right now. Its not that it is generally hard to do. Its just a new way of living… on 1.5 hour naps. Then there are the times they want to get up early and feed sooner.

All this to tell you that posts and baby pictures for the first few weeks, until we get them up to 6-7 lbs and Meggi’s breast milk comes in, will be hit and miss. But I have a few ideas and thoughts I want want to express and of course, once these feeding and sleeping wonders start to feed fewer times and sleep less, then we will get more down on this blog. For now, we concentrate on the babies and feeding ourselves and keeping our house somewhat organized.

Birth Day!!!

Why Hello and Welcome to the WORLD! Today, at 13:25 and 13:26 MST, Riley Alexander Corwin and Hattie Elizabeth Corwin (respectively) were born into this world. Meggi’s long torturous 2 week stay in the hospital is now much easier to endure thanks to our new little children. (Btw, the nurses here actually rock and have made this very comfortable and easy for Meggi. She will miss them, I can tell)

As with pretty much everything involving this pregnancy, Meggi rocked it. She was very nervous about the spinal tap, but it was the least painful part of the whole ordeal. The babies came out and were very healthy, Riley was forgetting to breath a little at first but he figured it out. His APGAR scores were 7 and 8. Hattie totally rocked the APGAR scores at an 8 and 9. And she was the first to latch on… which I totally do not get, I thought boys were always all about the boobs. But he got it figured out. I guess they just have to grow into it. They have both already had their first bowel movement. And now they are sleeping like little Angels… Thus why I am able to write this blog post. Of course, as I am writing this the nurses need to wake them up… Not sure about continuing to like these nurses. 😉

All in all, we could not have asked for a better day of giving birth. And here are some photos of the day. Thank you all for the kind wishes via text and Facebook. Much more to come, that is for sure.